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USDA has adjusted the calculations of LDP data.
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Delivery Futures Month Cash Price Basis
Feb 2020 @C0H
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
March 2020 @C0H
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
April 2020 @C0K
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
May 2020 @C0K
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
June 2020 @C0N
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
July 2020 @C0N
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
Aug 2020 @C0U
 01/28/2020 7:42:00 AM CST
Sept 2020 @C0U
 01/28/2020 7:42:00 AM CST
Oct 2020 @C0Z
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
Nov 2020 @C0Z
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
Dec 2020 @C0Z
 01/28/2020 7:44:00 AM CST
Jan 2021 @C1H
 01/28/2020 7:22:00 AM CST
Price as of 01/28/20 08:14AM CST.
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Due to construction delays, we will start receiving grain February 10.  Feb/March 2020 bids will be the same and contracts written for a 60-day delivery window to provide the flexibility of delivery should winter 19/20 cause further delays or as bin break-in procedures require resting periods as filled. 

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Expected discount schedules can be found here,ShelbyvilleCornDiscounts, but can change without notice. 


 Christine Poole - Commodity Manager
Direct Line: 765-795-7214

Cell Phone: 765-721-7359

Matthew Mathias - Sr. Grain Buyer
Cell Phone: 765-721-7532

Michelle Patten - Grain Buyer
Direct Line: 765-795-7216
Cell Phone: 765-721-7239

Lincoln Gaston - Grain Buyer
Direct Line: 765-795-7217
Cell Phone: 765-721-7362

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